Awards of Poker Tours - Best Winnig Prizes

There are different kinds of poke tournaments held around the world, but the most popular and prestigious poker tournament is the World Series of Poker that is held every year in Las Vegas. It was first introduced in 2005 and was sponsored by the well-known Caesars Entertainment. This company was then known as Harrah's Entertainment. Today, this world class poker tournament is giving away huge poker awards to deserving players who managed to stay within the game and beat other players around the poker table.

If you will become a winner of this prestigious poker tournament, then you will receive a bracelet as well as monetary prize that is based on the number of buy-ins as well as entrants during the competition. Every year, the tournament culminates around $10,000 in no-limit Hold’Em for their main event. There is a winner named victor that received millions of dollar cash prize and a bracelet. This was the most popular priced a poker player can win in a tournament. The player who will win the World Series of Poker Main Event will be the World Champion of Poker.

WSOP Winners

Poker players dreamt of this kind of prize, but not all players are given the chance to participate in this kind of poker event. Most players want to win quickly as well as win big amount of prize, which will not happen overnight. All winners of WSOP tournament underwent extensive elimination rounds before they can get to the finals. Aside from this world renowned poker event, there are other poker tournaments where poker players can join and win huge amount of prizes.

It does not matter whether the tournament is not as popular as World Series of Poker for as long as it gives away big prizes to winners. If you will join a special event in poker, then there is an entrant gift or there are custom made poker chips given to the winner. This is not an expensive or excellent prize, but this is good if you are just starting out to join different poker tournaments. There are lots of tournaments happening online and most of casinos online offer generous prizes and gifts to winners. You will be awarded with a trophy and small cash prize. You might also encounter some that only gives trophy to the winner. You must be disappointed if you do not get any cash because a trophy or anything that represents your victory is good.

It is good to know that there are not so popular poker tournament that also give away thousands of dollars as prizes. These poker tournaments are good stepping stone if you want to join famous world tournament like WSOP. You need to be very patient and do not look for huge amount of prizes right away if you are not yet an expert poker player. There are satellite tournaments where you can join if you really want to experience WSOP just like what Moneymaker does when he won WSOP and bring home huge amount of cash prize.

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