Getting Called by Weak Hands

1. There is no need to go against the trend.

To find out your source of profit from a great poker deal, you have to understand that the opponents have come for calling in the casino. Generally, it is not the intentions of the opponents to join the poker table for throwing away their hands. Truly in USA Poker, poker’s excitement says that most of the opponents would be partial against folding or calling. Nevertheless you can experience truly new feelings in poker, you need just a button click to visit some good poker room. That's easy!

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I am saying it again as it is very vital- opponents do not intend to fold, they only opt to call. It is a fact that, excessive calling than what actually is required by weak opponents cause gain to everyone. However, it is up to you how well you can take the advantage of your opponent’s weakness and win more any other player. On the other hand, you can taker the unconventional route and make a decision that you wish for stating opponents for not calling, you might do well. In that case, you can avail a career choice of a bluffer. At the same time, you must also keep in mind that you are not going to make maximized profit, especially against the feeble opponents.

However, this does not imply that you should stay away from bluffing. The point is to bluff in the right manner at right time. Those opponents who are always willing to make calls, it is better to avoid using bluffing strategy against them.

Such opponents have a tendency to call more and more you have to take the advantage of that. Persuade them for calling even more and make the most of their mistake. In the mean time you will get some chances where bluffing would be just perfect, but in general, try to cash more on the weakness of your opponent and let them call more and more.

  2. Reflex action.

Calling reflex is very common thing to notice as the response is kind of automatic after watching, hearing or imagining something. Generally, opponents like to call and they will definitely do so if you provide them with enough reasons. Do some activities so that you urge them to call such as start talking, play with your chips, jitter or do anything to make them call. Do some animated things like that and there are chances that your opponents will respond. If you do not want them to make call, then you also don’t do such things.

Is this approach always successful? The answer is ‘no.’ In case the opponent got weak hand, then no such activity can make him call. In the different situation, when your opponent has got extremely strong hands, then also your activities won’t influence him to raise the likelihood of a call or stop the probability of a call. Apart from these extreme situations of weak and strong hands, there are lots of hands in between whom you should try to influence by your actions to earn the benefit. If you like to call, make it fast.

  3. Straightforward words.

Straightforward and simple approaches are suspected by the opponents. For example, you say that “Now I am not bluffing,” you can create doubts on the minds of the opponents and as a result they will call.  You have to act smart in this regard and spill simple words according to the situation and the nature of the opponents. Suppose you say, “I am bluffing, call,” it gives out very obvious expression in the minds of the opponents that they are feeling conned. On the other hand, if you say “Now I am not bluffing,” you are actually confusing the opponents, especially with the word ‘now.’ The opponents are not sure about your intentions and that really works.

 4. Make your opponent think.

Say something that actually creates possibilities of two conditions. For example, “I have straight flush, I think, may be not.” Such a statement makes your opponent think of two situations- one is that you have actually got a straight flush and the other is that you are just bluffing. In such situation, you can bet a medium hand without a need to raise your bet.

It is very crucial to be able to bet without worrying about a raise. Impunity would be the perfect name of such betting as you can gainfully made several bold bets where you have controlled yourself in other situations. This really works in the hold 'em games. Let’s pretend a situation where my opponent is very aggressive and I got an ace kicker and the second highest pair. I would say something like- “This is unbelievable, I should have called all the way with nine-six.” “Looks like they are in the same suit as well.”  “Though I will not tell you the suit of my cards, it could be spades or could not be.” If you say those words, the opponent will get confused and you can take the advantage of calling without fearing a raise.

What is the problem of raising the bets? Is the second pair cannot be thrown away against a raise? The answer is no! Doing this thing repeatedly will make the opponents know that they are just required to raise the bet so that they can win most of the time. The right tactic is that when you are raised on the river, you should call. Normally, you will lose, but the pot is sufficiently big and just a single win can make these calls useful. Thus, it is better to call a raise, and it’s significant for you in the situation.

Another vital aspect about this strategy is that the opponents with weak hands will call. They might take the risk that by assuming that you have missed the flush. But, in reality, you got the second-highest pair with an ace kicker and the opponents are completely out of clue regarding this. They are busy in speculating whether you have got the flush or missed and hence it is going to prove beneficial for you.

  5. Have Fun.

It is essential that the opponents like playing with you. In that case, the opponents will make maximum calls and also won’t feel bad about loosing. You have to earn that reputation so that you can avail more extra money while betting with medium hands and get called by frail hands.

  6. Make the opponent call. 

In the situation when you seek a call and the foe is going to pass, do whatever things. Give your opponent reasons to call. Your opponent might be thing of passing the bet and you want a call. Yu have to do something that the opponent changes his mind and makes the call. Laugh, jitter, do whatever it takes to make your opponent rethink on his decision so that ultimately he makes the call.

  7. Don't bet aggressively.

Lastly, in spite of considering all the above mentioned aspects, you might come across some opponents that do not make cal. You have deal with then differently and more bluffing is a good choice. Also, do not bet aggressively with strong or medium hands.