Cold Deck - Is It Useful in Poker?

First of all we are to assume that this article was written with comprehensive purposes and to teach you cheating. However this article is dedicated to the term of Cold Deck in poker and a question whether it is justified to use it in the game.

It would be rather logical to present the definition before dwelling on its reasonability.

What is a Cold Deck?

The Cold Deck in poker is a general definition for those situations when players feel that there was a place for cheating with a substitution of one deck for another in order to create a profitable situation for a certain player at the table. Such situation is possible when a player and a dealer are in a certain collusion to create a strong hand that will actually win in the end. So in a particular situation when a dealer dealt some two similarly strong hands to a couple of players, and as the game flows, considering the flop and the rest of community cards, one of the players win the pot. During such game both of players will raise and re-raise as both of them are confident in the fortunate game ending. So the pot increases with each betting round and one of the players receives the decent sum of a pot with the dealer’s help. In that situation a second player, the defeated one can say that he was given a “cold deck”.

So to be clearer, it is said that a deck was arranged for a certain player to win the pot.

The Other Meaning

The initial meaning of a cold deck is simpler than the previous. The deck which was used for several games in a raw becomes warm enough to pay attention at its temperature. That’s why some dealers will rather change the deck in order to avoid cheating from the side of the most sensitive players who could define or remember which cards were in the game the previous round. However this kind of definition is rather optimistic, even too optimistic to be used in such a tough sphere as poker.

After all, there are some players that are ready to use any type of cheating in order to win the pot, without mentioning being in cahoots with a dealer.

To the Question of Reasonability

The point of use and reasonability would rather be a burning one several decades ago, but nowadays it is simply useless at least if we are talking about the casino games. Most of the casinos or gambling houses of modern world use cameras and keep the ways of playing under an excruciatingly high control so there can be no place for cheating, especially in such an old school way. On the other hand that kind of cheating is applicable for home poker games, where there is no cheating control involved.

Balance between Cheating and Bluffing

In poker world, the same way as in real life, there are cheaters and there are just lucky or skillful people who can win a game by means of personal approach. It is also important to keep the balance between cheating and bluffing. As bluffing doesn’t actually means lying and being not honest, you just create an impression, while cheating is first of all not allowed to be used in casinos and which is even more important it doesn’t define you as a good or professional player, it rather defines you as a liar or just a crook.

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