How Not to Lose All Money in Poker - Guide for Players

Poker is a classic card game played in casinos and homes. It is a well-loved game to kill time or profit money. Whether you play it in your home or in casinos, there are unwritten rules called poker etiquette that should be observed by players for a smooth game. Poker is both fun and challenging, but it also involves some house rules to enjoy it even more. These rules can also help you in saving your money as well.

  1. Wait for your turn.
  2. It is always tempting to play even if it is not yet your turn. But in the game of poker, patience is a virtue, practice it by always playing on the right turn as this may also give others helpful information about your card.

  3. Play at the right speed.
  4. Playing poker involves analyzing your card and making some thought provoking decisions. But be sensitive with your co-players and adjust long thoughts to a reasonable one because if you keep on taking a long time to make decisions, the game may be less enjoyable for others. You can never control the behavior of others, but taking so much time to play may cause impatient players to leave the table. If you are playing online, you can avoid slow play by playing only one at a time.

  5. Be level-headed.
  6. Poker is a game, and it can be frustrating. But accept the fact that not every game may be on your side. If luck is against you, keep your calm and just tell yourself to improve next time. Keep your manners by still being polite. This way, your opponent may also be ashamed of misbehaving if luck turns against them. Arguments may also be a result of an unpleasant disposition and may lead you more out of control.

  7. Avoid showing cards.
  8. Protect your cards by ensuring that no one sees them while you’re holding them, and when it is time to fold, gently toss them because accidental exposure may give away important information which can affect your chance of winning.

  9. Stop talking about your cards.
  10. Players often muck their cards out of frustration, if they are on the losing end. Others may not be okay with it as well. Respect your opponents who are still concentrating on the game. If you have lost your hope, keep it to yourself until the end of the round and do better the following round.

  11. Let the dealer do his job.
  12. If you are just a beginner and is confused about certain hands, let the dealer read the hands and decide on it. You simply have to lay your cards on the table and let him figure it out, but make sure tom improve your skills in ranking hands to avoid being cheated on.

  13. Observe house rules.
  14. Every casino has its own set of rules, and be sure to follow them and keep your manners by not messing up on the table or not smoking if it is not allowed. If you are eating, be sure to wipe your hands clean before holing the card as well.

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