Use Good Strategy To Really Play The Game Well

Good strategy is important to every poker player that wants to win pots.  Sometimes they will find themselves in the position of knowing what another plays cards are, by reading their tells.  While that is extremely helpful to the player, you have to know what to do in that position.  If you are in the ultimate position at the table of having this in your pocket, then you can use strategy to make the situation work.  In most of these cases you will know that they do not have a good hand, but you may not have the best hand yourself.  Sure you might have a hand that has a lot of potential, but it is still a big gamble. 

Float Play

What should you do?  Well, you can use a strategy of play that is known to poker players as the float play. The use of what is known as the float play can be executed by those players that want to stay in the action on that hand.  Primarily used as a smart move in the poker game, you can call instead of making a raise at that time.  This play will provide you the chance to improve your hand on the flop.  Let’s say that your starting hand is a 3, 5 and the flop reveals a 3, 5, A.  If the player in the front of you then decides to simply check their hand then you are in a place to come over their head, and raise the pot.  More times than not the player with the weak hand will fold, and you will win the pot.  Sounds great right, well there are still rules that apply to the use of this particular move in the poker game. By using these simple rules you can achieve success.

Play against one player

The first rule that you need to know before you try it is you must be engaged in a heads up battle, between you and one other player at the table.   If there are multiple players that are playing the hand against you than this will not be effective for you.  The second thing that you should always remember is that you should have better player position than the other opponent at the table.  Let’s say that you are the first player at the table to act.  You are not in a position that you can use this tool of play.  This is only effective if the weak player has to act in the front of you, at the poker table.  

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Watch your hands

The last rule that is important is that you should only do this if you have a hand that stands a chance of winning the pot.  Some hands that you are dealt in a poker match up are just flat losers.  Any good poker player has the ability to spot these hands from a mile away.  Most of the time these hands will consist of two unsuited cards that are dead from the word go.  They are low on the totem pole and can not help you in anyway possible.  If the dealer gives you one of these hands then you should never apply it to this type of play.  

Even though the float play is a great way for you to get the weaker players out of the poker game, you have to shield yourself from the demise of your own sinking ship.  This play is great, but it does not have powers that are one hundred percent safe.  You have got to use your head at all times and decide when to use the skill that you have learned.