Poker Hands

The game of poker requires a player to have a hand of five cards which will be according to predetermined rules of the specific type of poker being played. The poker hand system requires the players with the highest ranking number of the combination of cards to be the winner or loser at the end of a specific round of betting. If two players have a similar combination of cards then the game will end as a tie and they will have to share the amount in the pot equally. Each hand has a ranking and it is increased by the inclusion of other cards of the same rank, by all the 5 cards being of a consecutive rank and by all the 5 cards being from the same suit.

General Rules

All poker hand rankings should apply the same rules. There are 7462 distinct ranks and each hand should consist of 5 cards. However, there are some games that require players to hold more than 5 cards and this will mean that the best 5 cards are the ones which will be played. Cards that are not in the hand should never affect the ranking. Aces usually have the value of 1 as it always plays low. Hand ranking is first done by category followed by individual card ranks. If there are similar ranks in multiple hands at any showdown, the players will divide the pot equally among themselves. In case the divided number comes up with a fraction, the first hand clockwise from the dealer or button will get the chip.

Poker Hand Categories

  • Straight flush is where the players have a poker hand consisting of five cards in a sequence and all of one same suit, for example Q, J, 10, 9 and 8 all of flowers. When a hand has A, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suit this is referred to as royal flush and is the highest ranking hand in poker games.
  • Four of a kind is where there are four matching cards with the fifth card being unmatched.
  • Full House is where there are 3 matching cards and two matching cards in a hand.
  • Flush is where all the five cards in a hand are of the suit but are not in sequence. For example all the five cards are of Hearts but have different values.
  • Straight is where all the five cards that in sequence and also includes at least two different suits. For example, 2 hearts and two diamonds plus another suit should be included in the hand.
  • Three of a kind is where there are three unsuited cards of the same rank and the other two cards should be of a different rank and possibly suit.
  • Two pair is where a hand consists of two cards from the same matching rank, plus other two cards of a totally different rank that should match each other and any other card of a different rank.
  • One pair is where a hand consists of two cards of exactly same rank and three other cards of a different rank and not the same as each other.
  • High Card is where a hand consists of any five cards which does not have any requirements.

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