What Game Style to Choose - Loose or Tight?

When you are involved in the poker you are to absorb all the information about it you can, tips and strategies, the game styles and ways of bluffing, just everything possible to create a good poker player. You probably know that choosing an appropriate game style is one of the keys to success, so in this article we are going to dwell on such questions as: what game style to choose and how to operate these new poker skills.

Defining the Loose Game Style

Let us proceed to the definitions. Who is a loose player? Well, it is not so difficult to recognize a loose player in poker; it is usually the one who looks like he doesn’t care about the games results, though he is the one who reaches almost every pot, as he is an aggressive player. He bets and raises constantly, he looks rather confident with any hand he has and make others believe that he really does, one never knows if is it true. He will frequently bluff on the flop and often will attack the pot with aggressive bets and raises.

Putting things into perspective in case you’ve decided to choose this game style, remember that first of all you are to create an image. In other words, you are to develop the players’ image during several games.

When paving the way to the loose player image, keep this fact in mind: you will confuse your amateur opponents but it is rather hard to make an impression on those who have been playing this game for years.

The negative side of loose game style is that a loose player bets and raises even if his hand is not good enough and in case he is not so convincing in his bluffing, the other players may quickly reveal the loose style and will not fall for it anymore. On the other hand you have at least two strings to bow.

Tight or Aggressive Game Style

This type of a player will manipulate the others and force them to fold even the strong hand. he will do it by means of again creating an image of an aggressive player during several games with the same line-up of players. The aggressive or tight player is rather selective, he will fold if his hand is not strong and he will consciously raise and re-raise in case his hand is strong. In most cases when the players at the poker table defines you as an aggressive player they will quickly leap to a decision that you are not the one to be trifled with and sooner or later but they will fold.

To become an aggressive player you should brace yourself and do not waste chips, bets or money on weak hands. In the poker community it is a widely spread idea that aggressive poker is a certain key to success in the game, while a passive poker is a good way to go be a fool for pains.

Exploiting the Contrast

It is glaringly obvious that you will ask a question: So, which style to choose? The best answer here is to mix the strategies and not to run into extremes at a time. When you choose the only one suitable strategy for you is good, but only until the other players reveal your strategy. In order to avoid being vulnerable find the convergence point between these two game styles. Being aggressive and loose at a time is a focal point in poker. As long as you are able to mix these skills – you are well placed at the poker table.

In case you manage to do it, you will understand that it is poker perfection at a full throttle.

Remember a good poker player will never go with a flow, so choosing a strategy in the game is as important as winning the pot.

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